Friday, July 8, 2011

St. Louis

I really need to get out of here.  Sure, big cities are a great place to get lost in the crowd and hide, but there's so much crime here, so much hardship.  Some guy actually tried to mug me at knifepoint.  I got a new knife (a pretty nice switchblade) and I left him on the ground.  Never fuck with an armed Chosen.  As if I needed weapons, I just kicked him in the naughty bits.  Hard.  I heard a crunch.  It was great.

I saw a stray puppy and fed it what was left of my hotdog at lunch.  You know what they say about feeding strays?  How they will follow you around forever if you do?  Yeah, they do that.  At a distance, of course.  And while I was in the InnerCircle chat yesterday, I heard him barking.  So I looked out the window and noticed a few malevolent masked men (and maybe women, wasn't really looking) headed towards the building I was in.  One of them showed up inside.  I had let my dog inside.  A dog that is a mongrel of some sort, but is definitely related to a wolflike breed, probably a German shepherd.  He didn't take kindly to people going after his meal ticket, apparently.  In any case, that masked marauder's arm should probably heal decently.  Maybe.  And I'm still alive and running, obviously.

So yeah, I have a new dog that I don't have to teach the command "Sic 'em".  His name shall be Axel.  Or Rocco.  Or maybe Jagger.  I haven't decided.  But he shall be my new companion.  I hope he lasts a little longer than my previous ones.

Speaking of which, Grandpa, if you're reading this (which I'm sure you aren't unless you magically figured out how to work the internets), call me or something.  All I want is a status report, just to know what's happened and how you're doing.

Anywho, planning on going to a Market tonight and buying some useful trinkets.  I would have gone last night, but I passed out.  It happens.  So I'm going to buy my new companion a collar and leash today and I'm gonna work some magic so I can take a shower and stop reeking of BO and anger.  But mostly BO.  Yeah, it's pretty bad.

I'm really hoping to find a Relic or something that makes me unaffected by normal water.  Seems unlikely, but that would be awesome.  I miss swimming and I miss sitting in the rain.  Wishful thinking, I know, but it keeps me sane.


It keeps that little shred of sanity I have left intact.  Heheh.

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