Saturday, June 4, 2011

Current thoughts

Yeah, that song?  Currently how I'm feeling, thanks to Stripey and the rest of the Shankill Butchers.  (No, you're not getting a choice in being called that.)  But I'm not so bad as to be at "21 Guns" though.  Yet.

Oh yeah, ran into Vadiir again last night.  This time I grabbed him before leaping into a river and I dragged him in with me.  Turns out that water is really bad for the Chosen.  It hasn't started affecting me yet, but it got to him immediately.  He managed to get out of the water pretty quickly, so I'm doubting it killed him.  Shame.  Or not, I'm having the same conundrum the Master had when he had the Doctor in a wheelchair.  YouTube search "The Master Can't Decide" if I've lost you.  (The /real/ Master, by the way, the Time Lord, not some skinny bitch who thinks incorrectly that he owns my soul.  Oh, new nickname?  Everyone start referring to Slendy as Skinnybitch.  It would certainly cheer me up.)

Also, they're gonna make me an Enforcer if they catch me.  I still can't figure that one out.

So, my choices at this point are:
A) Join the Commune
B) Run forever, or until I'm 27, in constant terror and danger
C) Fight back and no doubt lose
D) Get murdered by Vadiir
E) Suicide (better to die than be killed)
F) This is all just a dream.  INCEPTION.
G) Cake
H) Vote Saxon

As usual, the last three aren't really options, as much as I wish they were.  But I'll eat cake and vote Saxon anyway, those dirtbags can't stop me!

...the Doctor would run until he had to fight, and Ash Williams would fight and have won in a matter of minutes, but I'm starting to grasp the differences between reality and fiction.  Also, I'm neither Ash nor a Time Lord.

So, guys.  What would you do?

(Oh, and Stripey?  I don't really like hugs from people I /like/.  And I despise you with every fiber of my being.  Just keep in mind that, if you try to hug me, I will drop my moral code and stab you as many times as possible.  Just so we're clear on that.)

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