Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So.  Guessing you all heard.  I got re-Chosen.  Because I am clearly brilliant.  Mm-hm.

They're coming for me again.  Tonight.

I've got everything I need to go on the run packed.  I have for a long time.  Just in case.

I've got more weapons, more possible strategies, more physical ability, and a big dog.

My odds of surviving the night (and not ending up in a Commune) are far slimmer than they've ever been.  And that's saying something.  I recall MT saying once that being Chosen twice gets you direct contact with Tall, Pale and Faceless himself.  And...well, if that's true...I don't really think I can win.  I don't even think I can not lose completely.

So.  What am I gonna do?

Try my damnedest.  Never give up.  Keep running.  Bite, scratch, shoot, slice, and smack my way out of whatever comes at me, or try to.  Y'know.  Same old, same old.

I have several new tricks up my sleeve I've been keeping on the down-low.  They may come in handy, may not.  We'll see.

But.  No matter what happens.  If I go down, I'm gonna make it as difficult for them as I can.  And I expect you guys to keep calm and carry on if I do.  I'm trusting you to do so, okay?

This could easily be my last entry as a Rebel.  Of course, if somebody up there takes pity on me, maybe it won't.  But I kinda doubt that.  I'm the last of the Time Lords once again.

And...well, that's all I can think to say.  Should've written this in advance, just in case.  But it can't be helped now.  Not much that can be helped now.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got an awful lot of running to do.

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