Thursday, May 31, 2012

Still not dead, amazingly enough

Oh gosh they changed Blogger's layout while I was gone.  Time to relearn how to work this site!

Anywho, I haven't updated this thing since December, which was like half a year ago, and that's kind of a long time to have radio silence, so I apologize for that.  I'm working on the whole restriction of information thing, and I got distracted by other things, and I haven't felt a need to vent at you guys (because that's apparently what this is used for most of the time and therefore makes me come off as more whiney and emo than I really am by a long shot), yadda yadda.  But I'm not dead, so there's that!

I bet you're wondering what I've been up to, what I'm doing now, whether I'm still on the run with Curtain and Servo, whether my grandpa got himself killed yet (spoiler: as of this writing, he hasn't), [insert shipping-related thing here because most of the people reading this are shipper assholes and that's actually probably all some of you are actually wondering about, you callous douchebags], etcetera.

I can't tell you like any of that, sorry.

What I can tell you is that I've graduated high school, I now own a ukulele, I went to my senior prom as Batgirl and have seen The Avengers twice.  Yes, I have been at home at least occasionally since my last entry.  That's all I can really think of at the moment.  You're free to ask about whatever you want (including the stuff listed above), I just can't guarantee I'll be able to answer.  As you can probably tell, I am no longer messing around.


Oh, who am I kidding, of course I'm still messing around.  Just not as much and I'm being less moronic about it.  I haven't changed that much.

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