Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I'm gonna kill him.

He's not even taking this seriously! (Though that's probably in our best interests, but still.) He's toying with me, and it makes me fucking mad.

He took all our stuff and hid it, for one thing.  He taunts me than I've ever taunted anyone, and you guys know me.

And on top of everything, he's dragged Nein into this.

She messaged him to try to get him to stop chasing me, and so he sent the goons at the Missouri Commune after her.  It's not fucking fair, she just wanted to help!  And look what it got her!  He didn't have to do that!

And it doesn't help that he spent nearly the entire email conversation we had today hitting on me in a really creepy way.

But he said something today that worries me.  He said that way back when in that Mibbit chat with Slendy (god, it seems like so long ago) that his saying "It should be noted I am also a liar" was a prediction of the future, someone else is going to say that.  So we have another liar to look out for now.  Five bucks it's goddamn WhiteStripes.  Asshole.

And that doesn't mean that the Slender Man isn't a dirty liar, as well.  I'm enough of a Doctor Who fan to know that the Master's Utopia is bullshit.

And look at that, Stripey.  Repeating the fucking Doctor Who joke.  U mad, bro?


  1. Keep running.

    I'm having fun.


    I should have made a separate Google account.

    Oh well. Welcome to the blog, asshole.

  3. Ahh, Doc... -Pats- Well, just post past events, and not future plans and he'll get nothing on you?
    Or new blogs... Those are always fun... And a new Twitter... Titled "ScrewYouWorksheet."
    That would be fun.


  4. I wasn't planning on giving out my future plans even if he weren't aware of this. I'll get a new blog or Twitter if necessary, but I can always use PMs if necessary.

    And Worksheet is your nickname for him, I've got my own. Right, Stripey?

  5. Heh.... But Worksheet is so corny! It's fun.